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JOBIM 2012

Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques

3 - 6 juillet 2012


Liste des papiers acceptés



The Minh Luong, Gregory Nuel and Yves Rozenholc. 

"Fast estimation of posterior probabilities in change-point models through a constrained hidden Markov model"

Catherine Belleannée, Jacques Nicolas and Olivier Sallou. 

"Expressive Pattern Matching with Logol. Application to the Modelling of -1 Ribosomal Frameshift events"

Elodie Laine, Christian Auclair and Luba Tchertanov.

"A Modular Network Analysis (MONETA) of Protein Structures for Exploring and Predicting Allosteric Communication"

Sophie Schbath, Véronique Martin, Matthias Zytnicki, Julien Fayolle, Valentin Loux and Jean-François Gibrat.

"Mapping Reads on a Genomic Sequence: a Practical Comparative Analysis"

Pierre Blavy, Florence Gondret, Sandrine Lagarrigue, Jaap van Milgen and Anne Siegel. 

"Using large scale knowledge databases about reactions and regulations to find key regulators of sets of genes"

Andres Aravena, Carito Guziolowski, Anne Siegel and Alejandro Maass. 

"Using Mutual Information and Answer Set Programming to refine PWM based transcription regulation network"

Thomas Derrien, Amaury Vaysse, Benoit Henouy, Wouters Coppieters, Benoit Hedan, Catherine Andre
and Christophe Hitte. 

"Computational detection and expression profiling of conserved long non-coding RNAs in the domestic dog"

Param-Priya Singh, Severine Affeldt and Herve Isambert. 

"Non-adaptive expansion of gene families"

Marine Jeanmougin, Christophe Ambroise, Matthieu Bouaziz and Mickaël Guedj.

"Improving biomarker signatures by the identification of differentially expressed modules in molecular networks : a local-score approach"

Julien Guglielmini, Fernando de La Cruz and Eduardo P.C. Rocha. 

"Evolution of conjugation and type IV secretion systems"

Priscila Da Silva Figueiredo Celestino, Elodie Laine, Pedro Geraldo Pascutti and Luba Tchertanov.

"Impact of the D802V Mutation on the Structure and Dynamics of the CSF-1R Tyrosine Kinase Receptor"

Rohit Arora and Luba Tchertanov. 

"Structural determinants of Raltegravir specific recognition by the HIV-1 Integrase"

Benjamin Linard, Olivier Poch and Julie Thompson. 

"EvoluCode: an original view of Human Systems Evolution"

Vittorio Perduca and Gregory Nuel. 

"Detecting Outliers in HMMs through Relative Entropy with Applications to Change-Point Detection"

Maude Pupin, Malika Smaïl-Tabbone, Philippe Jacques, Devignes Marie-Dominique and Valerie Leclère. 

"NRPS toolbox for the discovery of new nonribosomal peptides and synthetases"

Julien Pele, Jean-Michel Becu, Hervé Abdi and Marie Chabbert. 

"The sequence space of G-protein-coupled receptors: Implications for molecular modeling"

Nizar Fawal, Bruno Savelli, Christophe Dunand and Catherine Mathé. 

"GECA: Gene Evolution/Conservation Analysis tool for Eukaryotic gene families"

Charles Bettembourg, Christian Diot, Anita Burgun and Olivier Dameron. 

"GO2PUB: Querying PubMed with Semantic Expansion of Gene Ontology Terms"

Wilfrid Carré, Pierre Pericard, Christophe Caron, Erwan Corre and Sylvie Mazan. 

"Development of a pipeline for Scyliorhinus canicula miRNA identification from NGS data"

Inken Wohlers, Noël Malod-Dognin, Rumen Andonov and Gunnar Klau. 

"CSA: Comprehensive Comparison of Pairwise Protein Structure Alignments"

Hillel Jean-Baptiste-Adolphe, Mathieu Emily, Amaury Vaysse, Catherine André and Christophe Hitte. 

"Haplotype-based method for detecting regions under selection in the domestic dog"

Nicolas Terrapon, Sonja Grath, January Weiner, Andrew D. Moore and Erich Bornberg-Bauer. 

"Fast Homology Search Using Domain-Architecture Alignment"

Celine Brouard, Marie Szafranski and Florence D'Alché-Buc. 

"Protein-protein interaction network inference with semi-supervised Output Kernel Regression"

Leslie Regad, Juliette Martin and Anne-Claude Camproux. 

"SA-Mot: a web server for the identification of motifs of interest extracted from protein loops"

Evguenia Kopylova, Laurent Noé and Hélène Touzet. 

"SortMeRNA: a new software to filter total RNA for metatranscriptomic or RNA analysis"

Rabie Saidi, Wajdi Dhifli, Mondher Maddouri and Engelbert Mephu Nguifo.

"A Novel Approach of Spatial Motif Extraction to Classify Protein Structures"

Sébastien Tempel and Fariza Tahi. 

"miRNAFold: A fast ab-initio method for searching for miRNA precursors in whole genomes"

Justin Whalley, Etienne Birmelé and Carène Rizzon. 

"Importance of family size and function in the fate of duplicated genes in the protein-protein interactome of Arabidopsis thaliana"

Fouzia Moussouni, Bertrand Ameline De Cadeville, Ulf Leser and Olivier Loréal. 

"Retrospective Analysis of a Gene by Mining Texts: The Hepcidin Gene Use-Case"

Van Du Tran, Farida Zehraoui, Sebastien Tempel and Fariza Tahi. 

"BoostSVM: A miRNA classifier with high accuracy using boosting SVM"

Christophe Blanchet, Clément Gauthey, Christophe Caron, Olivier Collin, Stéphane Delmotte, Tiphaine Martin, Simon Penel, Aurélien Roult, Franck Samson and Bruno Spataro. 

"Towards a Distributed Infrastructure for Bioinformatics: French GRISBI Perspective"

Hafedh Mohamed Babou, Guillaume Fertin and Irena Rusu. 

"On the Complexity of two Problems on Orientations of Mixed Graphs"

Claudine Chaouiya, Aurélien Naldi, Lionel Spinelli, Pedro T. Monteiro, Duncan Berenguier, Luca Grieco, Abibatou Mbodj, Samuel Collombet, Anna Niarakis, Laurent Tichit, Elisabeth Remy and Denis Thieffry.

"Logical modelling of cellular decision processes with GINsim"