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JOBIM 2012

Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques

3 - 6 juillet 2012


Posters en ligne

Les posters suivits par l'image sont accessibles en ligne.
  • 1. Djeen: A High Throughput Multi-Technological Research Information Management System for the Joomla! CMS
    H. Duvergey, O. Stahl, S. Granjeaud, O. Vigy et G. Bidaut
  • 2. Metagenomic gene clusters associate with diet-induced improvement of bioclinical factors in obesity
    A. Cotillard, E. Prifti, L.-C. Kong, N. Pons, M. Almeida, S. Rizkalla, S. Kennedy, J. Doré, S.-D. Ehrlich, K. Clément et J.-D. Zucker
  • 3. SAEMIX, an R version of the SAEM algorithm for parameter estimation -
    A. Lavenu, E. Comets et M. Lavielle
  • 4. Relationship between protein surface exposure and antibody binding
    V. Lollier, S. Denery-Papini, C. Larré et D. Tessier
  • 5. Full genome analysis for the prediction and prioritization of regulatory sequence variations
    V. Bernard, D. Arenillas et W. Wasserman
  • 6. Search for Three-dimensional Atom Motifs in Protein Structures -
    G. Collet et P. Cuniasse
  • 7. Sequence, structure and function relationship of Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases insights for a better classication
    J. Rebehmed, V. Alphand, V. de Berardinis et A. de Brevern
  • 8. A pipeline for identication of mutations and correction of genome assemblies using the Illumina sequencing platform -
    O. Arnaiz, S. Marker, D. Singh, C. Denby Wilkes, Q. Carradec, E. Meyer et L. Sperling
  • 9. Coarse-grained Simulations as a Bridge to Solve Atomic Structures of Dystrophin Essential Fragments from SAXS Envelopes
    E. Pollet, A. Chéron, M. Czjzek, J.-F. Hubert, E. Le Rumeur et O. Delalande
  • 10. Analysis of sexual dierentiation in the brown alga Ectocarpus by RNA-seq -
    A. Cormier, S. Coelho, M. Cock et E. Corre
  • 11. NEBULA - A web-server for advanced ChIP-seq data analysis.
    V. Boeva, A. Lermine, C. Barette et E. Barillot
  • 12. Computational modeling of FcRI signaling during mast cell activation
    A. Niarakis, E. Kamali, Y. Bounab, M. Daeron et D. Thieffry
  • 13. Logical modelling of MAPK network
    L. Grieco, L. Calzone, A. Zinovyev, B. Kahn-Perles et D. Thieffry
  • 14. Logical modelling of hematopoietic cell specication and reprogramming
    S. Collombet, C. Lepoivre, D. Puthier, T. Graf et D. Thieffry
  • 15. From MOS1 to HsMAR-Ra, from C-ter to PEC by structure modelling -
    J. Cambefort et C. Augé-Gouillou
  • 16. A comparison of two statistical methods combining high-throughput data to predict the level of disease activity in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
    J. Plassais, J. Chiquet, A. Cervino et C. Ambroise
  • 17. TriAnnot: A High Performance Pipeline for the Automated Structural and Functional Annotation of Plant Genomes - New developments. -
    P. Leroy, N. Guilhot, S. Theil, F. Choulet, H. Sakai, M. Alaux, T. Itoh, H. Quesneville et C. Feuillet
  • 18. Development of a Fully Flexible Protein-Protein Docking Method combining Normal Modes and Genetic Algorithm
    D. Barreto Gomes, L. Scott, P. Pascutti, P. Bisch et D. Perahia
  • 19. The CycADS annotation database system to support the development and update of enriched BioCyc databases -
    P. Baa-Puyoulet, A. Vellozo, J. Huerta-Cepas, G. Febvay, T. Gabaldón, M.-F. Sagot, H. Charles et S. Colella
  • 20. Combination of in silico and proteomic approaches to identify candidate genes responsible for the immunomodulatory properties of Propionibacterium freudenreichii
    C. Le Marechal, M. Mariadassou, V. Loux, A. Hammani, J. Buratti, J. Jardin, V. Bion, S.-M. Deutsch, B. Foligne, G. Jan et H. Falentin
  • 21. de novo transcriptome assembly pipeline for Scyliorhinus canicula NGS data -
    P. Pericard, W. Carré, C. Caron, E. Corre et S. Mazan
  • 22. Molecular dynamics on truncated dystrophin in Becker Muscular Dystrophies
    A. Nicolas, E. Giudice, O. Delalande, F. Barloy-Hubler et E. Le Rumeur
  • 23. A quantitative metagenomics analysis of the French cheese ecosystems -
    A.-L. Abraham, N. Pons, S. Kennedy et P. Renault
  • 24. Dr Motifs: a web resource for pattern matching and discovery -
    A. Bretaudeau et O. Collin
  • 25. Does a genome structure in divergent copies allow animal to evolve without sexual reproduction? -
    M. Da Rocha, L. Massardier, L. Perfus-Barbeoch, P. Abad et E. Danchin
  • 26. Comparative Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Approaches for Exploring Microbiomes.
    A. Felten, P. Dehoux, C. Dauga et C. Joubert
  • 27. Transcriptome-wide identication of CELF1 binding sites using PSSMs and in silico scoring selection
    S. Mottier, B. Gschloessl, O. Letonquez, L. Paillard et Y. Audic
  • 28. Automatized detection of duplicated copies from NGS data: application to 45S rDNA and coding genes in the hexaploid Spartina maritima (Poaceae)
    J. Boutte, B. Aliaga, J. Ferreira, O. Lima, S. Coudouel, D. Naquin, P. Wincker, J. Poulain, C. Da Silva, M. Ainouche et A. Salmon
  • 29. Graph-based scaolding for next-generation sequencing
    R. Chikhi et D. Naquin
  • 30. Genomicus: Five Genome Browsers for Synteny and Ancestral Gene Content Information in Eukaryota
    A. Louis, M. Gratigny, M. Muffato et H. Roest Crollius
  • 31. Identifying long range cis-regulation in the human genome using evolutionary cosegregation
    M. Naville, A. Louis et H. Roest Crollius
  • 32. GnpSeq-NGS : un nouvel outil pour gérer les données de séquençage NGS dans le système d'information GnpIS de la plateforme URGI -
    C. Michotey, N. Mohellibi, H. Quesneville et D. Steinbach
  • 33. Integration of experiments results coming from the meta-analysis of QTLs (meta-QTL) in the URGI information system GnpIS -
    D. Valdenaire, E. Kimmel, O. Sosnowsky, J. Joets, H. Quesneville et D. Steinbach
  • 34. Widgets integration in Mobyle to enable Bioinformatics data visualization and edition
    H. Menager, B. Neron, O. Sallou, P. Tuffery et B. Caudron
  • 35. Horizontally acquired adaptation and pathogenicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    L. Mallet, S. Menigaud et P. Deschavanne
  • 36. GOHTAM : A website for Genomic Origin of Horizontal Transfers, Alignment and Metagenomics
    L. Mallet, S. Menigaud, G. Picord, C. Churlaud, A. Borel et P. Deschavanne
  • 37. Optimizations to compute large correlation matrix onto GPU system of hybrid HPC clusters
    D. Tello, F. Boumezbeur, V. Arslan, V. Ducrot, P. Léonard, B. Moumen, N. Pons, T. Saidani, P. Renault, S. Kennedy, M. Almeida, S. Ehrlich, S. Monot et J.-M. Batto
  • 38. Microbial de novo genome assembly: Comparison of CLC Genomics & VELVET for assembly of contaminated but deeply covered Illumina 1.5 single reads. -
    G. Farrant, E. Corre, M. Hoebeke, W. Carré, C. Caron, F. Partensky et L. Garczarek
  • 39. EVA: Exome Variation Analyzer A tool for ltering strategies in medical genomics -
    S. Coutant, C. Cabot, W. Tair, A. Lefebvre, M. Léonard, E. Prieur-Gaston, D. Campion, T. Lecroq et H. Dauchel
  • 40. A statistical approach to estimate DNA copy number from capture sequencing data.
    G. Rigaill, R. Kluin , Z. Xue, R. Bernards, I. Majewski et L. Wessels
  • 41. Interactome-Transcriptome Integration Uncovers More Stable and Better Performing Biomarkers in Breast Cancer -
    M. Garcia, P. Finetti, F. Bertucci, D. Birnbaum et G. Bidaut
  • 42. Inuence of joint preprocessing of CGH data on downstream analysis
    E. Sohier, B. Job, N. Enz-Werlé, N. Gaspar, L. Brugières et C. Philippe
  • 43. 6th Release of HOGENOM, a Database of Homologous Genes in Complete Genomes -
    S. Penel, P. Calvat, V. Daubin, M. Gouy, V. Miele, G. Perrière, R. Planel et L. Duret
  • 44. EvryRNA : bioinformatics platform for non-coding RNA
    F. Tahi, M. Besnard, G. Chandesris, S. Tempel et M. Trellet
  • 45. SUMATRA : Fast and Exact Computation of Sequence Similarities
    C. Mercier, F. Boyer, L. Zinger et E. Coissac
  • 46. Towards improving docking-scoring functions in structure-based virtual screening
    L. Montout, M. Petitjean, L. Regad, G. Moroy et A.-C. Camproux
  • 47. MetaMatch: Accurate and reliable algorithms for taxonomic assessment at species level.
    L. Kermarrec, P. Chaumeil, F. Rimet, J.-M. Frigerio, A. Bouchez et A. Franc
  • 48. The causal mediation analysis in genomic data - Going beyond simple correlations
    S. Affeldt, P.-P. Singh, G. Malaguti et H. Isambert
  • 49. Analysis of the structural conservation of -strand irregularities: the -bulges
    P. Craveur, A. Joseph, J. Rebehmed et A. de Brevern
  • 50. Gene network sorting based on topological properties and applications
    I. Misner et C. Bicep
  • 51. Frequent Subgraph Summarization by Substitution Matrices -
    W. Dhifli, R. Saidi et E. Mephu Nguifo
  • 52. Logical modeling of mesoderm specication
    A. Mbodj, D. Berenguier, G. Junion, E. Furlong et D. Thieffry
  • 53. QGP : Quantitative Genetics Platform
    M. Monsoor, A. Neau, M. Souchal, S. Nugier, F. Laperruque, E. Iannuccelli, P. Le Roy, E. Ricard, D. Robelin et O. Filangi
  • 54. ncPRO-seq: annotation and proling analysis of ncRNAs from small RNA-seq -
    C.-j. Chen, N. Servant, J. Toedling, A. Sarazin, A. Marchais, E. Duvernois-Berthet, V. Cognat, V. Colot, O. Voinnet, E. Heard, C. Ciaudo et E. Barillot
  • 55. Accelerating QTL mapping with graphics cards
    G. Chapuis, O. Filangi, J.-M. Elsen, D. Lavenier et P. Le Roy
  • 56. Elaboration d'un système d'aide à la décision à base d'ontologie dans le cadre des urgences odontologiques.
    F. Serrand-Obry, V. Donfack Guefack, J. Lasbleiz, R. Duvauferrier et V. Bertaud-Gounot
  • 57. PredAlgo, a new subcellular localization prediction tool dedicated to green algae -
    M. Tardif, A. Atteia, M. Specht, G. Cogne, N. Rolland, S. Brugière, M. Hippler, M. Ferro, C. Bruley, G. Peltier, O. Vallon et L. Cournac
  • 58. HTSstation: a web application for High Throughput Sequencing data analysis -
    S. Carat, F.-P. David, J. Delafontaine, F. Ross, G. Lefebvre, L. Sinclair, Y. Jarosz, M. Leleu et J. Rougemont
  • 59. Local Web Gui for Blast (LWBG) : A new Local interface for biological data treatment
    F. Khater et A. Moussa
  • 60. An in silico approach to model the assembly pathway of protein respiratory complexes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae -
    A. Glatigny, V.-D. Tran, P. Gambette et M.-H. Mucchielli
  • 61. The Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) [Reference Proteomes New website] -
    B. Bely, R. Jones, S. Pundir et M. Jesus Martin
  • 62. Multiple Protein Structure Comparison using sequence alignment approaches
    S. Léonard, J.-C. Gelly, N. Srinivasan, A. de Brevern et A. Joseph
  • 63. SNPs and indels detection in resequenced genomes of Black true of Périgord
    T. Payen, A. Gigant, E. Morin, C. Murat et F. Martin
  • 64. BioRepo : Biological Repository -
    Y. Mouscaz, A. Kapopoulou, M. Leleu, Y. Jarosz, J. Rougemont, D. Duboule et D. Trono
  • 65. Oncogenic mutations of KIT receptor dierentially modulate tyrosine kinase activity and drug resistance -
    I. Chauvot de Beauchêne, E. Laine et L. Tchertanov
  • 66. PSEUDOE: A computational method to detect pseudo-genes and explore PSEUDome dynamics in wine bacteria from the OEnococcus genus.
    L. Bourgeade, T. Martin et E. Bon
  • 67. Vitamin K epoxide recognition by Vitamin K epoxide Reductase
    F. Langenfeld, I. Chauvot de Beauchêne, E. Benoît et L. Tchertanov
  • 68. Optimizing phenotypic plasticity in a uctuant environment -
    N. Nottet, P. Coquillard, A. Muzy et F. Diener
  • 69. The GEMO project: Genomic Evolution of the fungal pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae.
    L. Mallet, C. Guérin, V. Martin, E. Ortega-Abboud, J. Kreplak, J. Amselem, A. Gendrault, M.-H. Lebrun, T. Kroj, D. Tharreau, E. Fournier et H. Chiapello
  • 70. Improving the computation of guide trees for genome multiple alignments in Ensembl Compara API -
    N. Fiorini, P. Flicek et J. Herrero
  • 71. Modeling cell signaling pathways with discrete dynamical systems. Application to Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) signaling
    G. Andrieux, M. Le Borgne et N. Theret
  • 72. A knowledge-based system for diagnosis dedicated to inherited retinal dystrophies -
    M. Hebrard, G. Manes, B. Bocquet, I. Meunier, I. Mougenot et C. Hamel
  • 73. Relationships Between Structures and Sequences from a Super Secondary Structure Elements Approach.
    T. Bitard Feildel et J.-F. Gibrat
  • 74. SMETHILLIUM: Spatial normalisation METHod for ILLumina InnIUM Human-Methylation BeadChip
    C. Sabbah, G. Mazo, C. Paccard, F. Reyal et P. Hupé
  • 75. The GAG database: a new resource to gather genomic annotation cross-references -
    T. Obadia, O. Sallou, M. Ouedraogo, G. Guernec et F. Lecerf
  • 76. COV2HTML: visualization and analysis tools of Bacterial NGS data for biologists -
    M. Monot, M. Orgeur, E. Camiade, C. Brehier et B. Dupuy
  • 77. Natural Selection in Pre-Eclampsia-Associated Genes
    L. Lau et H. Roest Crollius
  • 78. Investigation of associations between human genetic variation and resistance to HIV-1 infection in highly exposed uninfected individuals with hemophilia A
    J. Lane, L. Dorrell, K. Pelak, K. Shianna, M. Carrington, J. Goedert, B. Haynes, A. McMichael, D. Goldstein et J. Fellay
  • 79. L'angiogenèse : d'un réseau d'interactions à un réseau biologique
    G. Launay, F. Peysselon, R. Salza et S. Ricard-Blum
  • 80. Cyanorak v2 - An information management system for annotating cyanobacterial orthogroups -
    L. Guéguen, G. Farrant, G. Le Corguillé, E. Corre, W. Carré, L. Garczarek, F. Partensky, C. Caron et M. Hoebeke
  • 81. A local search approach for determining the insertion potential of the amino acids
    S. Laroum, B. Duval, D. Tessier et J.-K. Hao
  • 82. Dierential expression analysis and SNP detection from RNA-Seq data in Asobara tabida, a parasitoid of Drosophila -
    M.-C. Carpentier, J. Kielbassa, V. Lacroix, M.-F. Sagot et F. Vavre
  • 83. Providing Bioinformatics Services on Cloud
    C. Blanchet, C. Gauthey et C. Loomis
  • 84. GPCR_AlignDB: a database of aligned sequences of G-protein-coupled receptors
    J.-M. Becu, C. Raimbault, J. Pele, M. Moreau et M. Chabbert
  • 85. myProMS, a Software for Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics Data Collaborative Processing, Analysis
    F. Yvon, G. Arras, F. Camara, D. Loew, E. Barillot et P. Poullet
  • 86. PARYS, a Web Server for Managing Reverse-Phase Protein Array Platform Data
    P. Poullet, S. Liva, S. Troncale, L. de Koning, F. Coffin, B. He, P. Hupé et E. Barillot
  • 87. EMA - A R package for Easy Microarray data Analysis
    N. Servant, E. Gravier, P. Gestraud, C. Laurent, C. Paccard, A. Biton, J. Mandel, B. Asselain, E. Barillot et P. Hupé
  • 88. A pipeLine Dedicated to Oligonucleotides design (ALDOv1.2)
    I. Rabearivelo et F. Paillier
  • 89. LTR75 and LTR75B retrotransposon in mammals: over-representation on X chromosome and co-regulation of nervous system genes
    S. Tempel, J. Jurka et K. Kojima
  • 90. Reconstruction of ancestral isochores in Boreoeutheria chromosomes
    C. Bon et H. Roest Crollius
  • 91. The SPROUTS Submission Workow
    R. Acuña, Z. Lacroix et J. Chomilier
  • 92. Sequence polymorphism detection - Experience sharing, properties and limits of the current methods
    L. Bastianelli, F. Bigey, J.-L. Legras, V. Galeote et S. Dequin
  • 93. Identication de voies biologiques dérégulées dans les sarcomes à génétique complexe
    C. Brulard et F. Chibon
  • 94. Setting Galaxy on the ATGC ReNaBi platform at Montpellier. Integration of the crac mapping and annotation tool
    M. Rohmer, T. Commes, V. Lefort et A. Mancheron
  • 95. Functional description and inference of carbohydrate-active enzymes
    E. Drula, V. Lombard, C. Rancurel, M.-L. Garron, P. Coutinho et B. Henrissat
  • 96. BioSpring: an interactive and multi-resolution software for exible docking and for mechanical exploration of large biomolecular assemblies
    N. Férey, O. Delalande et M. Baaden
  • 97. Representation of cis-regulatory region in a model organism database -
    F. Dumond, P. Lemaire et C. Martin
  • 98. Graph Algorithms and Software Framework for Interactive RNA Structure Modelling
    F. Jossinet, A. Lamiable, P. Rinaudo, L. Al-Shikhley, F. Quessette, S. Vial, D. Barth, E. Westhof et A. Denise
  • 99. Tree Decomposition for RNA Structure-sequence Alignment Including Tertiary Interactions and Pseudoknots (Abstract)
    P. Rinaudo, Y. Ponty, D. Barth et A. Denise
  • 100. Analyses comparatives de méthodes de traitement de séquences ITS fongiques issues du pyroséquençage 454. -
    J. Lengellé, M. Buée, C. Murat, E. Morin et F. Martin
  • 101. Adapting comparative genomics to MapReduce
    N. Golenetskaya et D. Sherman
  • 102. Enzyme survey and how to nd new ones
    M. Sorokina, A. Thil Smith, M. Stam, K. Bastard, C. Médigue et D. Vallenet
  • 103. Développement d'outils d'analyse de données transcriptomiques étudiant le vieillissement cérébral physiologique et pathologique de Microcebus murinus -
    P.-A. Jean, A. Laurent, J.-M. Verdier et G. Devau
  • 104. Thalia A database dedicated to association genetics in plants -
    Y. De Oliveira, G.-R. Assoumou-Ella, J. Cornouiller, J. Joets et A. Charcosset
  • 105. Systems analysis of yeast fermentation and respiration: transcriptomic, proteomic and interactomic changes.
    E. Becker, A. Lardenois, R. Lavigne, Y. Liu, B. Evrard, C. Pineau et M. Primig
  • 106. Analysis of uorescently labeled combed DNA molecule images
    L. Muresan, J.-F. Mariet, X. Darzacq et H. Roest Crollius
  • 107. Feature selection for microRNA prediction
    B. Zerath, S. Tempel et F. Tahi
  • 108. Network based approach for robust transcriptomic data analysis
    R. Nicolle, M. Elati et F. Radvanyi
  • 109. Digital representation of embryonic development
    C. Martin, D. Dauga et P. Lemaire
  • 110. Prediction of Amyloidogenic Motifs in Human Proteins -
    M. Emily, C. Schirmer, A. Jan, A. Talvas, C. Garnier et C. Delamarche
  • 111. De novo comparison of metagenomic data -
    N. Maillet, C. Lemaitre, R. Chikhi, D. Lavenier et P. Peterlongo
  • 112. A new insight in DNA topoisomerases classication
    D. Correia, F. Vogliolo, H. Debat, M. Nadal, V. Daric, C. Kuchly et C. Devauchelle